There’s a great dialogue in the movie ‘Tucker: The Man and His Dream.’

“What’s the difference if it’s 50 or 50 million, that’s all machinery. It’s the idea that counts and the dream. “

And what I’m currently doing is being part of as many things I can think of, or I can do. 
I’m working remotely as a Quality Analyst for web-based applications. I help the local market with digital marketing and their online presence. And I’m indulged in the family business.

But ‘Sometimes you have everything but nothing.’

What I’m doing here is to create more and to learn more. Creative work is what I can’t stop thinking about. And RGAPPARELS is what I thought of I should work on, an online merch with simple, creative and cool designs created by me.

The smile you get when someone wears your created designs or hang your created artwork on the wall is completely different. 

Rajan Garg


My Story

I’m a person with an introvert personality who loves to do artwork in childhood watching ‘MAD’ on Pogo Tv channel and ‘Nat geo Junior’ on the National Geography channel. But I forgot this hobby as I grew up, to score more in school and to build a career.

And for my career, I was randomly chosen for the position of the quality analyst in a company. I worked there for a long time and learned a lot but this job was not enough. So in my free time, I started thinking about ideas to work on. I started reading books, learning skills like Photoshop, illustrator, etc and started analyzing what I can do for the rest of my life.

One day of visiting the art cafe, observing an art gallery, I got enlightened again by my childhood skill ‘Creativity’. And attending some of the art workshops, I got to know that I can work better in creating abstract art.

Abstract Archery

This is started as an Instagram account of my artwork where I represent abstract art created using different media and experimenting with different techniques that I possibly could do. And why ‘AbstractArchery’ because my targets were not defined at that time, everything seems to be abstract like an art.

With time working on different skills, leaving my full-time job, playing with colors & creating art, I finally decided to come up with the idea of creating designs for apparel.

Rgapparels :

Apparel to me: “A blank canvas which people love to wear with artwork, to represent themselves in the best way.

Rgapparels was first started by me in India to test the idea. And to make a sale with the concept of zero investment. Within a span of 4-5 months, I was able to complete 100-120 orders without any website just through friends or through social media. Unfortunately, I had to stop this for some time. Working all alone on this was not easy and there was no one ready to take risks with me.

But this was what I couldn’t stop thinking about. This was what I loved the most and this was what I thought to take it to the next level. And that is why I started it again under my name, my true self, on this website. But a few months back I stopped working on it also and only left with blogs and my abstract art. Why I stopped is all different story.

You can also reach me at :