Don’t Regret What You Have Done.

Don’t Regret What You Have Done.

Make this as a rule of life, never regret for things that you’ve done, and never look back in life.

What if I have studied hard in my childhood? What if I have listened to my parents? What if I have not left the job? What if I have proposed her? What if? What if? ……

What if?

This is the worst question people ask every day to themselves. It’s an appealing waste of energy. In my earlier blog posts, I discussed ‘taking actions and decisions fast‘ but this is also necessary to not regret those decisions. You will also observe this very commonly in your surroundings, between your friends they are cursing themselves for taking the wrong steps or decisions for anything happening in their life.

Also this ‘What if?’ is the reason which stops them from taking action because this makes them too logical or to overthink about actions they will take in the future.

This life can’t be controlled and can’t run completely according to you. You just have to play your part living purposely and happily that’s it. Thinking about what you have already done, your past. It will never come back. And even you can’t stop your life also if someone dies.

Instead of regretting about your past decisions ask yourself this question:

Can you do anything about it? If Yes, Take Action. If No, then don’t think about it?

Let’s see this with an example. Suppose you invested millions of dollars in gambling and you lost everything. Now what? Will you stop living your life? Will you just wake up every day and regret it? Or Will you accept that decision and plan for the future? That’s it.

You have to keep things simple. We human beings think so much unnecessarily that we become negative.

Have you ever observed an army officer or any military person? They are conditioned or trained so well that they know how to make firm decisions instantly and to not think about right or wrong after taking them.

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