Dream I Haveactually written on 13-07-2017

I also have a dream but I don’t know how to chase it.

I also have some wishes but I don’t know how to get them.

I also want to say that, “yes I have done/achieved this.” but don’t know how to say it.

I also want to live happy life but I got a dream.

Yes, I have made my life difficult. yes, I have everything to enjoy my life but I can’t because I have a dream.

I want to live a life of dream not because I want something badly but because to prove it to myself that what I have thought it’s possible and dreams are possible to achieve.

There are a lot of people doing why can’t I? There are a lot of people who achieved in there life why can’t I? Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, it will take time, yes I am late from my time but it’s also said ‘nothing is too late to start’ then why can’t I achieve it. Yes, I’m not that smart to make deals yes I’m not that good at many things but I have one thing which helps me to learn new things that is the passion to do something great plus enthusiasm.

The stage where we need support but we are given just choices to make.

Why, Why can’t we make our own choice? what if we got fail? nothing will happen. I don’t need choices I need support to say, “yes! do it! we are with you, if you need any help we are with you.”

For the past 4 years, I’m transforming myself, for the past 4 years I’m thinking that I have to do something big. I was living a life like a kid now also at some places I felt like I’m a kid.

Why it’s said that you are not that smart, business needs smartness why it’s said it requires a lot of sharpness.

Yes I know business requires all these things, yes big dreams require more skills more intelligence but, is it not possible that I can achieve it? yes, I make mistakes, stupid mistakes because I every time listened to my heart.

Then why?

I am already under pressure of doing things but you don’t also get support from your parents, the single support required. You are given a timeline to do things. why?

Why we can’t take our own time to blossom? why we have to see the outer world as fast as others?

Why we have to live a life of others?

Why do parents think you don’t know, you are a child? Why we have to be near parents to love them? Why we can’t achieve our dreams?

Why am I saying or blaming them but if I blame myself then I can just blame myself?

Yes, I don’t know what I have to do with life but one thing I know I want to achieve something big. Yes, I know it will start from small but in which small field I should go I don’t know that.

I also have a dream I want to achieve.

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