I deleted my Rapparels Instagram and Facebook Page…

I deleted my Rapparels Instagram and Facebook Page…

In the previous post, I discussed what it’s like to work on rgapparels and what’s currently going on. And this is what happened after I wrote the previous post.

Deleted my Rgapparels Instagram & Facebook Page

And even deleted my other side hustle pages ‘Offers4you’( for amazon affiliate marketing); ‘Rajan Garg’(To Promote these blogs through Facebook or you can say personal marketing) ‘Abstract Archery’ (only from Facebook which is about abstract paintings)’. I took all this crazy decision in the morning, not at night. And even uninstalled Facebook and Instagram from my phone.

Reason for this crazy action

It’s really crazy to do all this for me and It’s really difficult to do all this because these pages were like my love. They were the ones I thought about, I cared about and even Invested most of my time.

Let’s make it more fun

Imagine all these pages or side hustles as my girlfriends loving the Rgapparels girlfriend the most. And out of these, I started loving the Rgapparels girlfriend the most. I started putting all my efforts, all my care for her. Yes, when I was meeting her in India (or say launched this business in India) I was able to talk to her or meet her in person sometimes (sales actually). I started liking her. She usually replies once or twice a week (sales) and when I have to go home she wants to meet me (or I get orders) but how I could meet her at that time. Anyhow 2-3 times I managed to meet her by canceling my tickets. With time I started thinking a lot about her and was getting desperate day by day for her. I want to meet her on a daily basis. And I was thinking all day what to do from my side to meet her (get sales).

Stopped thinking about her

I got so frustrated that I stopped thinking about her and stopped putting efforts to meet her. And you know what she also stopped texting me (sales). It was like losing her. I tried to stop thinking about her and even not thought about her for months and I moved to my hometown. There I have a very little probability of meeting her( to continue with Rgapparels for printing and their sales).

Again started talking to her

And one day I want to meet her again at least I want to talk to her. And I got an idea that at least I can chat with her from Messanger ( to have drop shipping / Print-on-demand service from hometown). I again started putting efforts to meet her ( I thought to get sales through this website ). But she was not replying. I started talking about her beauty (started creating posts ) and how amazing she is to my friends ( Instagram & Facebook). I started getting a few responses from my friends that yes she is beautiful and amazing ( people liking posts and commenting on it).

Got obsessed

I liked people’s response so much that it created much more desperation and obsession to meet her again. Every day it was like what to do next to meet her (get sales). And one day, I told about her to my local friend (real friend not Facebook or Instagram) and about my one-sided love. He understood and told me that If you really wanna meet her put efforts for the next 2-3 months If you do not get any response ( sales) then stop thinking about her.

I discussed about her and my love with someone who already has a girlfriend( Business). He told me that you are just vaguely putting effort. You don’t know what you like specifically about her or you don’t have anything specific about your originality, why she will meet you and talk to you (means why people will buy from you). There are a lot of handsome men for her (other businesses). How you will compete with them. They have better qualities etc. I told him that I’m not that bad Yes I’m not much specific about her ( I love everything about her and how I’m approaching her).

The approach is not right

After a few days of thinking I finally came to the conclusion that I have to stop thinking about her. And I have to cut off from my friends ( Facebook & Instagram) who were giving me hope to continue with her. Yes, my approach may not be right, maybe I’m not the right person for her.

May delete her chat also

Maybe in the coming days, I will delete my messages (my designs) from the messenger (print-on-demand service) and from this website. Yes, that’s it. My one-sided love for her is over. I have to revive from her.

Have to start focusing on girls who are approaching me

The business which is being chosen by my father for me, the girl with whom I’m not that much involved. Either I have to get satisfied with this girl approaching me, which I’m not or maybe I have to find another girlfriend because of the satisfaction there is to get a new girlfriend or a hard-earned girlfriend, as it is amazing.

Hope you would have understood this funny story.

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