Patience and Persistence make you unbeatable
Being Patient and Persistent

Patience and Persistence make you unbeatable

Now you know from my previous posts what is the importance of taking action and why not to regret mistakes or failures. And this is the next step for your self-help, for your self-improvement: ‘Being Patient and Persistent.

Patience will come when you’ll start respecting yourself and when you will embrace your imperfections.

Results are not always achieved by talent but by being patient and persistent.

Why Persistent?

Let me give you my example of mistakes for this and how it affected me. The first example is: In college days I want to create my own website and was not familiar with coding in 2013. So I found a way to create a website by just drag and drop method and less coding. I created the following website with the help of Wix but was unable to publish it due to some payment issues. And what next I left the idea in between and never worked on it

Similarly, after college, I did the same thing I started working on 2-3 ideas. But left in between because I was not persistent at all and then how I can accept to get results. And till today it’s a challenge for me to be persistent on a single idea and continue to work on that.

I learned the true value of persistence and patience in 2017 when I started exercising to reduce my body fat. To wake up early every morning and exercise continuously for 4-5 months was also a challenge. And I saw a great transformation in me. But you know what, I failed at this also. After that, I put a gap of 2-3 months and lost my consistency.

You say that you do hard work but you do not. You know what is hard, to get up every day to do the same work consistently for a period of time. To live in discipline is hard. The real transformation, the real results come when you fucking work every single day on that particular thing.

“Never Stop! You can slow down sometimes but you don’t have to stop”

How you can practice being Patient and Persistent?

I don’t know you will do it or not but take this as a challenge; Practice jogging or any exercise on an average for 2 months and share your results with me. I guarantee this will definitely help you to do things in a better way. And you’ll also understand the true definition of hard work.

Why I chose exercise as a challenge because it’s the best thing to build you up, to make you healthy and to make you stress-free. You can take this 2 months challenge with any other thing also but at least give it 2 months.


A Japanese term, the word contains two roots — ‘kai’ (change) and ‘zen’ (wisdom). It was invented by Masaaki Imai. This is a technique based on the idea that a person should practice doing something for a minute, every single day at the same time. This will help you to overcome laziness and as it’s for a minute so you can’t come up with excuses.

There is one more example I can share with you for the benefits of ‘patience and persistent’ but it would be better if I discuss it on my spiritual journey post and what I understood by Japamala, a 108 bead string used in most religions.

It’s not that I had achieved it all and guiding you all this. It’s just an observation or the good experience I had, doing all these things and how these changed me.

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