Systematic Approach Should Be Followed For Work Than Just Building A Product/Service.

Systematic Approach Should Be Followed For Work Than Just Building A Product/Service.

I’m observing these days that a proper systematic approach can bring quality as well as the best results in a startup.

In startups, in the early days it usually happens that you start focusing much more on prototypes and building products. It works great for some time because you are seeing your idea’s coming live. But what happens with time? Small issues, glitches that you ignored in starting starts piling up. And after a few years they become so huge and expensive that now you either have to change your approach, pivot from your idea, or have to keep on investing. At this stage you will get completely stuck. Neither you can let your idea go like this without any results nor you can spend more due to budget issues.

So from starting only a better system or an architectural approach should be followed to build a product/service.

Cursing Wipro On Just Creating Plans and Documents

When I was in Wipro I used to curse about just building documents, creating plans, and not working on building a product. But nowadays working on a startup I realize that there should be proper documentation, specific guidelines, or proper approach which can be understood by everyone.

Also, too much documentation and planning as it used to happen in Wipro will also just make you paralyzed. So I think there should be a proper balance between planning / creating documents and working on products.

Importance of Creating Documents

In the above paragraph I focused on documentation because if we have the proper documentation then from designer, developer to tester everyone will follow the same specifications or guidelines. And everyone will be in sync with each other without any different thoughts provoking anyone. You as a designer, developer, or tester can easily ask/say anyone to follow guidelines as per XYZ document.

One more use of proper documentation and specifications is in firing and hiring employees. If you have a complete document about your requirements, project snapshots properly described in the document, then you can easily hand it over to a new employee. And within two days he will know about your complete project. But without it employees will be like an aimless person roaming around asking for help from others.

What do you think is better in the long term just building a product/service Or also building a system/an approach to build that product?

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