What It’s like to work on Rgapparels?

What It’s like to work on Rgapparels?

In my previous blog, I shared about how I got started with Rgapparels and Why Rgapparels.

Here I would love to discuss with you how it is to work on it every day without seeing results any more. Yes! that’s the truth. No Sales!

I’m from India. Earlier I started selling in India and made about 100 sales either through friends, relatives or orders through amazon. But as I was working alone on it, after a few months I stopped it.

I have to stop it because I was asked every time ‘What I will do, selling 3-4 t-shirts in a month on average. Also, I was ]asking myself how I will handle manufacturing, marketing, sales everything by myself. I had my college friend with whom I was staying but when things started to crawl he got an opportunity to go to Japan for onsite. And I was completely alone. Yes, I was just giving up. And finally, it stressed me so much that I stopped it. I packed my bags and came home. I forgot about it and never want to think about this bad dream.

But after 7-8 months I found a way to continue my creativity through print-on-demand service. They sell worldwide and I just have to give designs. They are the most rated and highly recognized when it comes to dropshipping.

I got indulged in the family business and was also remotely working on a previous job project for a few months. And that was not enough I was unable to sit free. I traveled solo to find peace and know more about me but not able to. Finally, coming back after 15-20 days, I thought of continuing on Rgapparels.

Website therajangarg.com

I was knowing how to create a website, I was knowing how to do some creative work. I was knowing how to go with print-on-demand service. And I had little exposure on how to start with social media marketing. Next what at least I can start with what I know and love to do. This is where this website ‘Therajangarg.com‘ came in.

Completely Stuck

But now I am stuck. I am unable to understand what I’m missing. How should I improve it? How should I get my sales? I even spend on giveaways and spending on marketing.

Every fucking day I think about creating new designs, every fucking day it’s like how to improve it, every day it feels like is it good enough. And every fucking day it’s like let’s not stop, let’s try one more time.

It’s not easy and I’m unable to understand it further.

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