Why Rgapparels?

Why Rgapparels?

I started Rgapparels to share my love for creativity. And to me, it felt amazing when someone wore my designs.

This name ‘Rgapparels’ was decided instantly so that I don’t get stuck in deciding names. It’s already been months thinking, observing and creating plans to start something or do something of my own.

But every time it was limited to ideas either I was not enough skilled to go with the idea or was unable to find like-minded people to go with me. Alone it was difficult to start an entrepreneurial journey but there was something which was forcing me to do something, something I can believe in or something I could stop thinking about. And in the end, what skills I had or I self-learned were Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Not only this when I started connecting dots I remembered that I loved to edit photos using mobile applications.

I left a job, I stayed at home for 7-8 months and at that time I was asked to prepare for exams but that is not what I was born for, I never felt giving those exams and even preparing for them. And next what I started creating abstract paintings ‘Abstract Archery‘ an Insta page which I started while I was doing a job. I did it for a few months but I needed results. To do what you love, you have to have small wins and I was unable to get them. Maybe I was asking too early but it was also in my mind that doing a few paintings I’m not going to get what I want. I have to paint 1000’s of canvases to find that one painting.

And then came the idea of selling. How I could sell my creativity and the best way I found is to sell-through t-shirts. The first design I thought to sell was a ‘lifeline’ design.

Life is like heartbeat waves with ups and downs and I was also in the same situation.

This was the mockup that I posted on my Instagram page @therajangarg and asked people to share their thoughts.

I got mixed reviews but I loved the way people loved it and even one of my friends made an order. That was the day I thought of continuing and working on it every day. And that was the day I decided on the name ‘Rgapparels’.

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